How to Play Badminton Properly?

Badminton is like other racket games, but it requires rapid development of wrists and arms. It’s not included in old age exercise programs. The feathered steering wheel has a greater aerodynamic drag and oscillates uniquely unlike a ball.

How to Play Badminton Properly?

Prepare and serve

The game starts with a launch. The referee throws the coin, and a player calls “Head” or “Cola.” The player or group that wins the shot has an alternative to choose a side of the field or an option to serve or get first. If the player wants his side of the area at this point, the opposing player or group may help or be first and vice versa. The service is done from one corner to another, and the main function is produced using the appropriate manual appeal court. If the bus arrives on the network and does not cross it after the administration, it must be served again. If the server faults while serving, the opponent has the opportunity to help.

Rules of service for singles

The server serves the privilege and the left half of the administrative courts on the other side. Once the administration is lost, the opponent finds the opportunity. If the players have not scored any points or if they have scored a significant number of points, they serve on the right side of the administrative court on the right side of the opponent. If the players score an odd number of points, they serve from the left half of the field to the opponent’s side.

Service rules for doubles

Each group has two possibilities to serve, one for each player. The members of a group serve again. After losing two services, the opposing group has the opportunity to serve, and they leave on the right side of the field. The service group has only one chance to serve at the beginning of the game. In doubles, the match that served during the last rally and in the final less than desirable in the current rally does not change its sides. Players who win a rally and serve the sides change. If the players have not scored or scored a considerable number of points, they serve on the right side of the court on the right side of the opponent.


At the moment the service team wins a rally, one point is added to its score, and the player/group serves the next rally. As the camp you accept wins a rally, add one point to your score and serve the next rally. A game is won when a player or group blames or when the truck reaches the opposing court. The body of the player or racket that comes in contact with the net. The same player hits the van accordingly.


The best of three games make one game. The group or player who gets 21 points faster wins a game. In case the score of both groups is (20-all), the group that gains a 2-point advantage wins the game. The count of both groups is (29 in total), the group that reaches the 30th point wins the game. The winner of a match also earns the privilege of serving first in the next game.